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Why a Personal Venue Finding Service is Important in a Digital Age

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Why a Personal Venue Finding Service is Important in a Digital Age

Technology is a wonderful thing and has an important and vital role to play in commerce, this is undeniable. Whilst digitisation has changed consumer buying behaviour, the process of human interaction is still a skill that can’t be underestimated in the service industry, particularly within hospitality.

Here’s a round-up of the top reasons why a personal venue finding service is still so crucial in the digital age…

  1. Bespoke Recommendations
    With so many venue options available, where do you begin when trying to decide if a venue is a viable option for your event. Although beautiful images of venues on a screen are enticing and can lure you in, working with a venue finder who has first-hand experience with a venue can be of a huge benefit.

    They can share their recommendations on the vibe and atmosphere of a venue; feedback on the quality of food they’ve tasted; give you an impression of the space available and how that will align with your event vision – even small details such as the textures of furnishings can be conveyed by a venue finder that has been and completed a site visit. A venue finder with a large portfolio of venues can marry up your specific event requirements and hand-pick venues to provide you with tailor made suggestions.

  2. Human Understanding and Input
    Developing personal rapport with your venue finder can help to build trust and credibility in them and the service they will be providing to you. The way in which you communicate with your venue expert can help to effectively convey what kind of venue your event requires. Of course, an event brief can go along way to helping with this, but it is the intricacies in detail that an experienced venue finder will pick up on in order to deliver a venue that hits the mark in all the right ways.

    In a fast-paced world where the small things can go un-noticed, a venue finding agency that takes a personal approach and reaches out to immerse themselves within your business is a precious find. This doesn’t mean they will take longer in providing a solution to your venue dilemma, it just means that they will quickly familiarise themselves with your business and brand and get to understand the purpose of your event, so they are fully prepared to scope out the right space, that will provide you with a great canvass to execute your event upon.

    Allowing a venue finder to get to know your business can also serve you well in the long-term too, particularly if you require a venue service more than once a year. Proactive venue finding businesses will profile venues against what is important to you and have them as ready-to-go suggestions when you need them most – speeding up the process even further.

    Physical venue finders are a fantastic source of insider information and knowledge and although their sole purpose is to find and book a venue for your event, they can also provide some very helpful and insightful event planning inputs that you may have not even considered.

  3. Bargaining Power
    In the venue finding sector strong relationships with venues can go along way in terms of the deals that can be struck. Utilising a venue finding service that has bargaining power can work to your advantage, especially when it comes to negotiating the best rates on your behalf. Although deals and preferential rates can be found online, a ‘face-to-face’ negotiator via email or phone who can adapt to the conditions being discussed in real time can be more powerful in securing an even better rate for your booking. Every penny counts of an event budget, so it’s worth considering how a venue finder’s network of connections can help you in relation to potential financial savings.

  4. Time Savings
    Time is a precious resource and when it comes to event planning the search for a venue can be a time-consuming and stress-inducing undertaking. Even digital tools that have been designed to simplify the venue finding challenge for event planners, can still take up time that could be better spent on other tasks. With a traditional venue finding service you simply tell them what you need and trust them to manage the process from start to finish, including negotiations and handling the contractual T&C’s of the booking – what could be better?

Engaging with a reputable venue finding service can be advantageous for a whole host of reasons when it comes to the all-important task of finding the right venue for your event. What’s more, in a majority of cases working with them will cost you nothing…I’ll repeat that in case you thought you’d read it wrong – it will cost you nothing. How can this be? Many venue finders will be paid a commission by the venue that takes the booking. Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t and it’s simply one of the many reasons why using a venue finding service, even in the digital age can work in your favour.

Clearcut Venues prides itself on the personal and dedicated venue finding service we provide to our clients’. We work in partnership with you to understand the purpose of your event and the results you want to achieve; allowing us to source the perfect venue at the right price. With our proactive approach, we are a fast-acting solution to your venue needs and work hard to deliver a bespoke service that is centred around you. Get in touch today - call: 07792 125 144 or email [email protected]
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